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Accofast Limited


Floor 3, Building A, Fuhengrui Industrial Area, No.5, Fumin Industrial Zone,Dalang, DongGuan,China 523770

Contact:Sam Chang

Tel: +86 769 8123 9006
Fax: +86 769 8123 9602

Accofast Limited is a China manufacturer and supplier of mechanical and electronic components established in 2012.

Currently, we have 15 CAM lathes, 5 CNC lathes and other secondary machines. So we can make turning, thread tapping and rolling, knurling, socket head punching and slotting. Through 3 years development, we have build tight cooperation relationship with our customers all over the world。

Now, 50% of our products exports to US, 30% to EU and 10% to other country of the world. All our products meet ROHS compliance, and every parts that we deliver to our customers is after 100% inspection and carefully recorded in files. We understand every pieces we do today is to make sure we can provide more to our customers tomorrow

As a Chinese manufacturer, we understand that the customers’ request is not just provide -ing best price, quality goods, on time delivery but also warm-hearted service. That is the future of Made In China. We kept tight communicate with our customer, listen and provide a quick response, solve the problem.


The Products that we can provide currently is as following:

  1. Custom Parts

Machining industrial fasteners, screw, stud, nut, DIN, ASM or Metric. Turning Components, CNC turned Parts, Shaft, Pin, Dowel Pins, precision fasteners, connector, Brass Fittings, laser component, optical parts, Plate, Joints, Mechanical Components

Make the turning component & part per customer’s sketch or drawing. Provide engineering service in order to give you the right parts with good design and low cost, most importantly save your time!


2. Electronic Hardware:

Electronic fastenerDistance fastener, male-female standoff, precision shoulder screw, thumb screw, thumb nuts, captive panel screw, jack screw, swage standoff, precision shoulder screw, anti-rotation swage standoff, PCB spacer, motherboard standoff & fastener & screw or spacer, round standoff, hex standoff spacer.

 3. Molding inserts:

Stainless Steel Rotational Mold Inserts, Brass Ultra Sonic Inserts, Self Locking Insert, Swage Insert, Brass Threaded Spacer, Threaded Stud and Brass nuts, knurling insert used for injection molded.


4. Self-Clinching Fasteners:

Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Self Clinching Standoffs, Stud, Self Clinching Nuts, Panel Fasteners, Rivets, Weld Nuts, surface mounting screw, case fasteners.


5. One Stop Service

Want to test your design with costly considered, we can help you and contact with the local supplier in order to provide you injection, stamping and electronic components assembly. BIG company don’t like trial design, SMALL can not understand YOU? You can start here!!!


The Material we commonly used is:

Free Cutting Steel(12L14, 1215), Carbon Steel(1008,1010, 1020,1035,1045,1070), Stainless Steel(SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS416, SUS420), Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Nylon, POM etc

Finish and Plating (Outsourcing):

Carbonize, heat-treatment, temper

Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Tin Plating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating, Anodize, Oxide

Sprint, Ink, Punching Mark, Silkscreen, laser crave, line drawing, polish, nylok patch etc.