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Accofast Limited


Floor 3, Building A, Fuhengrui Industrial Area, No.5, Fumin Industrial Zone,Dalang, DongGuan,China 523770

Contact:Sam Chang

Tel: +86 769 8123 9006
Fax: +86 769 8123 9602

Other Electronic HardwareThere are 13 products.

Electronic Hardware & Components
Accofast Limited makes the precision electronic hardware & components for the electronic Industrial. We also make RAF, Unicorp, ASM, Amatom, Pic, Berg, Lyntron equals in order to satisfy our customers’ need. Also we make the components per your design or help to give you suggestion in order to make it easier, cheaper and quicker.
Commonly we can make below parts and more.
Brass/aluminum/stainless steel/steel/nylon/pom standoffs, threaded swage standoffs and clear hole spacers, thumb screws, jack screws, panel screws, precision shoulder screws, captive screw and fasteners